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General Relativity


Our research group focuses on the limits of General Relativity as a gravity theory. It explores the three frontiers of our current understanding of the gravitational interaction: quantum gravity and its phenomenology, the strong gravity regime, black holes and compact stars, and alternative theories of gravitation. We are based at the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham, form part of the Quantum Gravity Group, and enjoy close ties with the Particle Theory Group, in the School of Physics and Astronomy.


Our core funding comes from a European Research Council Starting Grant. We are receiving or have received addtional funding from a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, FQXi, The University of Nottingham, and SISSA.



We are  organizing a workshop at Nottingham in August. Click here for more info.

Gravity @ all scales at Nottingham!

Recent Letter attracts media attention

Our recent work on black hole scalarization has received rather wide media coverage! Links to the relevant articles in newspapers, popular science journal and blogs can be found here. Read more...

Read our recent letter here! We show that in the most general scalar-tensor theory that leads to second-order equations black holes will have scalar hair. Explicit solutions can be found here.  Preprints can be found here and here. Read more...

Black hole hair in Hordenski theory

Join us!

We are looking for a PhD student, to start next fall. Have a look here for more info and instructions on how to apply.

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